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Theses - 2023

Bachelor theses
Leonie Steigerwald
"Raman imaging of fabrication induced twist angle variations in twisted bilayer graphene"
Roxana Anghel
"Anomalous Hall effect in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene"
Robin Forster
"Optical imaging of 2D materials inside a vacuum chamber"
Felix Hellenkamp
"Characterization of 2D VI3 heterostructures via polarization dependent Photoluminescence and Raman measurements"
Lars Kurth
"Magnetization-dependent photoluminescence quenching and valley splitting in CrI3-MoSe2 heterostructures"
Navjot Bamrah
"Screening the electron-phonon coupling in 30° twisted bilayer graphene"
Till Tenger
"Fabrication of electrical contacts for graphene/2D superconductor heterostructures"
Noah Rensmann
"Probing superconductivity and correlated insulating states in twisted bilayer graphene"

Master theses
Sunaja Baltic
"Benchmarking the Quality of Boron Nitride Encapsulated Graphene for High Mobility Applications"
Anthony Achtermann
"Transport properties of gate defined quantum devices in twisted bilayer graphene"
David Emmerich
"Investigation of the transport properties and magnetic phase diagram of ultraclean double-graphite-gated Bernal bilayer graphene"
Luca Kotewitz
"hBN as Gate Dielectric in 2D Material Capacitors - Tunability of Charge Carrier Density in Optoelectronic Measurements"
Rebecca Rahmel
"Optical Properties of Electrostatically Controlled Emitters in hBN"
Tobias Deußen
"Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana spectroscopy on bilayer graphene double quantum dots"
David Hasler
"Quantum transport through symmetry-broken Josephson junctions in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene"

PhD theses
Somanchi Sowmya Spandana
" Transport through graphene quantum point contacts"