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Theses - 2015

Bachelor theses
Tobias Schmitt
"Generation of photocurrents in MoS2-graphene spintronic devices"
Michael Schmitz
"Growth and characterization of high quality CVD bilayer graphene"
An Ju
"Thickness Dependent Raman Study of Bi2Se3 Topological Insulator"
Markus Nohl
"Electron mobility in graphene structures as a function of strain"
Patrick Emonts
"Lateral etching of graphene heterostructures"
Markus Nohl
"Electron mobility in graphene as a function of strain "
Ulrich Leo
"Time-resolved magneto-optical investigation of spin-dynamics in WSe2 on hBN and SiO2 substrates"

Master theses
Donatus Halpaap
"Magneto-Raman Spectroscopy of Chemical-Vapor-Deposited and Exfoliated Graphene"
Manfred Ersfeld
"Zusammenhang zwischen Spin-Bahn-Wechselwirkung, Spinphotospannung und strominduzierter Spinpolarisation in teil-/vollverspannten InGaAs-Heterostrukturen"
Frederik Buckstegge
"Magnetotransport in etched graphene nanostructures encapsulated in hexagonal boron nitride"
Martin Oellers
"The Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Encapsulated Graphene"

PhD theses
F. Volmer
"Einfluss der Oxid-Barriere auf den Spin- und Ladungstransport in Graphen/MgO/Co-Strukturen"
Stefan Göbbels
"Magneto-optische Untersuchungen des elektrisch induzierten Spintransports und des Laser-induzierten Spin-Seebeck-Transports in n-GaAs"