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Theses - 2018

Project theses
Marieke Jung
"Removal of surface contamination by vacuum annealing and its impact on the properties of 2D materials"

Bachelor theses
Moritz Battermann
"Polarization-resolved photoluminescence measurements on WSe2 monolayers"
Rebecca Hoffmann
"Electron-Phonon Coupling in strained Graphene"
Christoph Bauerschmidt
"Open foil growth and characterisation of atmosphere pressure CVD graphene"
Alexander Rothstein
"Quantum transport in gate-defined bilayer graphene nanostructures"
Anne Schmidt
"Impact of bias currents and ferromagnetic multi-domain structures on the spin transport in graphene"
Morian Sonnet
"Controlled Copper Oxidation for improved Dry-Transfer of CVD-grown Graphene"
Lea Schlotmann
"Gate and bias dependent study on AC and DC non-local resistances in graphene spin-valve devices"

Master theses
Max Heithoff
"Combining gate-dependent photoluminescence and Kerr rotation measurements for exploring the origin of long spin lifetimes in WSe2"

PhD theses
Sven Reichardt
"Many-Body Perturbation Theory Approach to Raman Spectroscopy and Its Application to 2D Materials"
Jan Dauber
"Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in ballistic graphene rings"