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Theses - 2020

Bachelor theses
Rebecca Rahmel
"Impact of Mechanical Cleaning of Twisted Bilayer Graphene"
David Hasler
"Fabrication of Suspended Twisted Bilayer Graphene"
Tobias Deußen
"Characterization of Gr/WSe2 heterostructures fabricated in an inert atmosphere"
Henning Heiming
"Modelling capacitive coupling in bilayer graphene quantum dots"
Lucas Gartz
"Towards metallic single electron transistors as capacitive sensors for measurements on 2D van der Waals heterostructures"
Mathies Funke
"Characterization of a cross-correlation noise spectroscopy setup for graphene quantum devices"
Antonia Wörtche
"Fabrication and Characterisation of Bilayer Graphene Tungsten Diselenide Heterostructures"
Aaron Schäpers
"Spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy of twisted bilayer graphene"

Master theses
Alexander Rothstein
"Highly gate-tunable single and double quantum dots in bilayer graphene"
Katrin Hecker
"High frequency manipulation of an electrostatically defined quantum dot in bilayer graphene"
Corinne Steiner
"Spin valley texture of excited states in bilayer graphene single and double quantum dots"
Anne Schmidt
"Anisotropic spin precession in bilayer graphene heterostructures"