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Theses - 2016

Bachelor theses
Patrick Liebisch
"Bias-abhängige Effekte des nicht-lokalen Spintrasnports in Graphen"
Kevin Janßen
"Vapor solid synthesis of bismuth-based topological insulators on graphene"
Lars Rathmann
"Characterization of monolayer MoS2 by magneto-optic Kerr effect"
Martin Schmalstieg
"Improving mechanical graphene resonators"
Luisa Krückeberg
"Transport through MoS2 nanoconstrictions"
Taoufiq Ouaj
"Investigating strain fields in suspended graphene via micro electromechanical actuators"
Hendrik Janssen
"Confocal Raman imaging of high-quality CVD graphene on various substrates"
Christof Backhaus
"Probing the elasticity of two-dimensional materials via nanoindentation"

Master theses
Marco Will
"2D mechanical resonators with graphene heterostructures"
Luca Banszerus
"High quality CVD graphene based 2d-heterostructures"
Jan Kirchhof
"Comparative Study of Electrical and Purely Mechanical Actuation of Graphene Resonators"
Tobias Pohlmann
"Static and time-resolved spin transport in graphene"
Robin de Winter
"Nanosecond spin lifetimes in monolayer TMDCs obtained from time-resolved Kerr microscopy"
Xin Ge
" Capacitive Read-out on Silicon Based Comb-drives"
Di Xu
"Measurement Principles for Micro- and Nanoelectromechanical Resonators - Downmixing of a Silicon Beam Oscillator as an Example"

PhD theses
Christian Volk
"Single-layer and bilayer graphene quantum dot devices"
Stephan Engels
"Limitations to charge carrier transport in high quality single- and bi-layer graphene"