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Theses - 2017

Bachelor theses
Philipp Schmidt
"Investigation of dephasing in a graphene-based nanomechanical resonator"
Jakob Schwibbert
"Gate dependent photoluminescence and Kerr rotation measurements on WeSe2"
Alexander Willmes
"Generation of photocurrents in MoS2-graphene heterostructures"
Isabelle Hirscher
"Raman spectroscopy of suspended graphene"
Lars Feuser
"Optimierung, Produktion, elektrische Charakterisierung und Spezifikation eines Kupferpuder-­Mikrowellenfilters für die Rauschunterdrückung und Thermalisierung in Tieftemperatur-­Transportmessungen"

Master theses
Michael Schmitz
"High-mobility dry transferred CVD bilayer graphene"
Christian Nick
"Fabrication of large area graphene based heterostructures"
Zachary C. M. Winter
"Controlled post-oxidation and growth: CVD graphene for ultra-high quality heterostructure fabrication"
Hendrik Janssen
"Probing edge effects by the quantum capacitance in a hBN/graphene/hBN-heterostructure"
Andrea Ceruti
"Ballistic transport in graphene nanodevices with superconducting leads"

PhD theses
Marc Drögeler
"Spin transport in graphene-hBN heterostructures in inverted non-local spin valve devices"
Ivan Stepanov
"Coherent electron Zitterbewegung: Time-resolved electrical spin generation, manipulation and detection"
Christoph Neumann
"Raman Spectroscopy on Graphene Encapsulated in Hexagonal Boron Nitride"
Bernat Terrés
"Ballistic transport in graphene nanostructures"
Muhammad Bilal Janjua
"Exchange bias in magnetic thin films and nanoparticles : Study of spin glass, spin dynamics and anisotropy"