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Theses - 2021

Bachelor theses
Jan-Lucas Uslu
"Fully automated optical detection and classification of 2D materials using a real-time rule-based approach"
Katarina Stanojević
"Fabrication and characterization of niobium diselenide graphene heterostructures"
Marc Schütte
"The influence of hBN spacer layers in monolayer TMDC and graphene heterostructures"
Lucca Valerius
"Rotation of two-dimensional heterostructures with an atomic force microscope"
Timo Veslin
"Fabrication and characterisation of 2D suspended bilayer graphene heterostructures"

Master theses
Frederike Wörtche
"Investigation of Band Gap Tunability in Bilayer Graphene Heterostructures"

PhD theses
Jens Sonntag
"Exploring strain fields, electron-phonon coupling and many-body effects in graphene via Raman spectroscopy"