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Theses - 2019

Bachelor theses
Luca Kotewitz
"Gate Dependent Photoluminescence and Kerr Rotation Measurements on Monolayer MoSe2"
Benjamin Zenz
"Raman spectroscopy for characterizing continuous CVD growth and dry-transfer"
Julian Hürtgen
"Fabrication towards stacked resonators and characterization of graphene as resonator membranes"
Henning Heiming
"Modelling capacitive coupling in bilayer graphene quantum dots"
Jan Karthein
"Characterizing CVD graphene with wavelength dependent Raman spectroscopy"

Master theses
Samuel Möller
"Shell-filling in Gate-defined Bilayer Graphene Quantum Dots"
Benedikt Frohn
"Josephson-interferometry in a ballistic graphene double slit"
Lars Rathmann
"Gate-dependent valley lifetimes in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides"
Philipp Schmidt
"Local control of the band structure in bilayer graphene quantum devices"
Taoufiq Ouaj
"Selective dry pick up of CVD grown CNTs for integration into 2D van-der-Waals heterostructures"

PhD theses
Shaham Jafarpisheh
"Quantum Transport in Bismuth-based Topological Insulators"
Alexander Epping
"Mesoscopic transport through graphene and molybdenum disulfide constrictions"
Matthias Goldsche
"Tailoring tunable strain fields and electromechanical resonances in suspended graphene using micro electromechanical actuators"