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Theses - 2014

Bachelor theses
Luca Banszerus
"CVD growth of high-mobility graphene"
Sascha Brinker
"Simulations of the Pseudo-Magnetic Field in strained Graphene"
Leo Rizzi
"Local photo-induced doping of graphene-hBN heterostructures"
Eva Groß
"Kristallabhängigkeit der Spin-Bahn-Wechselwirkung und deren Einfluss auf Spin-Photospannungen in InGaAs/GaAs-Hereostrukturen"
Jan-Felix Moneke
"Simulations of mechanical properties of suspended graphene"

Master theses
Danny Jörger
"Magneto - Transport Studies of the Capacitance Profile on Ballistic Graphene Nanostructures"
Thomas Sontag
"Set-up and characterization of an integrated capacitance bridge and its applications"
Robin Bläsing
"Effect of novel exchange torque and spin-orbit interaction on current-induced domain wall motion in magnetic nanowires"
Jonas Hesselmann
"Electronic transport in dual-gated encapsulated bilayer graphene"
Maik Wolter
"Spin transport measurements in graphene/hBN-systems and investigation of the tunneling contact properties by scanning probe methods"
Sven Reichardt
"Electron-Phonon Interaction in Graphene and Graphene Quantum Dots"

PhD theses
Sebastian Kuhlen
"Spinkohärenz und Spindynamik in Zinkoxid: vom donatorgebundenen Exziton zum Spin-Qubit"