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Overview - Physics (Master) lab course nano electronics

For the term SS 2022 you can register for either the lab course nano electronics or solid state physics. More information can be found under General information labcourse nano electronics and general information lab course condensed matter physics.

For all participants:

  • The registration for the lab course nano electronics for the term SS 2022 is open from 10.01.2022 until 19.02.2022 (click here).
  • You can name a preferred partner and choose preference for experimental blocks between 05.02.2022 and 19.02.2022 (link).
  • General information about the lab course (here).
  • Marking scheme (here).
  • Experiments and manuals (here).


Latest news and information for the term SS 2022:

  • Concerning Covid restrictions for experiments at RWTH:
    Update 11.02.2022.: Experiments in Jülich will not start in March, but will take place during the lecture period on Wednesdays due to Corona restrcitions. The registration period is extended.
  • Block AB: An introduction will be given on 13th of April from 11:00 to 13:00 (online see "Introduction to Laboratory Course Solid-State Physics, Nanoelectronics and Quantum Technology" in RWTHonline). You will receive an email with the zoom link. Experiments in Aachen will take place on Wednesdays during the lecture time and will start not earlier than 20th of April. Experiments in Aachen are planned in presence mode. Please note that experiment at Jülich are not scheduled for March anymore.
    Experiment assignment in Jülich and Aachen (Block B and A): (here). Use this legend document: (here).
  • Block C: An introduction will be given by Dr. Schneller on 6th of April at 13:00 Uhr in room S1 of the Walter-Schottky Haus WSH S1 (4243|104) . Experiment are planned in presence mode.
  • Block D: An introduction will be given by Prof. Knoch in April (date and link announced via email). Experiment are planned in presence mode.

Group assignment SS 2022:

Due to the new data privacy protection policy we are not allowed to show the assignement anymore. The assignment will be sent via email and can be found in the moodle.