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Overview - Physics (Master) Lab course: Solid state physics

For the term SS 2020 you can register for either the lab course nano electronics or solid state physics. More information can be found under General information labcourse nano electronics and general information lab course solid state physics.

For all participants:

  • The registration for the lab course solid state physics for the term SS 2020 is open from 01.01.2020 until 31.01.2020. (Click here).
  • You can name a preferred partner between 20.01.2020 and 31.01.2020. (link)
  • You can let us know which are your preferred laboratory experiments in Aachen between 22.04.2020 and 29.04.2020 (link). For experiments in Jülich, this is not possible.


Latest news and information for the term SS 2020:

  • Concerning viturtual mode of the M-experiments and L-experiments at RWTH:
    It is decided that M-experiments and L-experiments remain in the virtual mode till the end of the lab-course.
  • Experiment assignment in Aachen (here). Use this legend document: (here)
  • Introduction to the Aachen experiments will be on 22.04.2020 from 16:30 to 18:00 in zoom (see invitation per email). During this lecture the laboratory experiments Lxx will be introduced and you choose your preference right afterwards. Experiments will not start earlier than 29.04.2020.
  • "Virtual" experiments during COVID-19 restrictions: The experiments will be scheduled on Wednesdays starting from 29.04.2020. If COVID-19 restrictions will not allow a normal conduction of the experiment, the experiment day will take place in a "virtual" mode. The lab-course will flexibly switch between normal and virtual mode throughout the whole lecture period (always announced on this webpage) depending on the restrictions in place. In this way, we ensure that the lab-courses SS20 can be finished. We hope for your understanding.
  • What is an experimental day during the "virtual" mode? (1) All participants stay at home and discuss the experiment with the tutor on a virtual platform (to be announced). This replaces the intro-discussion. Points (0-3) will be given by the tutor. (2) The tutor sends a dataset measured with the setup and explains some details to the group. Videos on moodle will support the understanding of the setup and the measurement procedures. This replaces the execution of the experiment. No points will be given for this part. (3) Based on the sent dataset, the group writes the protocol and sends it via email to the tutor within 2 weeks. Points (0-3) will be given for the protocol. Thus a virtual experiment has a total of 6 points. The maximum achievable number of points will be adapted accordingly.
  • Likely you have questions about this new procedure. These questions will be answered during the introduction course on 22.04.2020.

Group assignment SS 2020:

Due to the new data privacy protection policy we are not allowed to show the assignement anymore. Assignment will be sent by email.