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Overview - Physics (Master) Lab course: Solid state physics

For the term SS 2018 you can register for either the lab course nano electronics or solid state physics. More information can be found under General information labcourse nano electronics and general information lab course solid state physics.

For all participants:

  • The registration for the lab course solid state physics for the term SS 2018 is open from 06.10.2017 until 12.01.2018. (Click here).
  • You can name a preferred partner between 08.01.2018 and 26.01.2018. (link)
  • You can let us know which are your preferred laboratory experiments in Aachen between 11.04.2018 and 18.04.2018 (link). For experiments in Jülich, this is not possible.


Information for the term SS 2017:

  • Experiment assignment in Jülich from 3.4. to 7.4. (link)
  • Experiment assignment in Aachen (link)
  • Summary talk about the organization of the lab-course in 2017 from the intro-course (link).


Group assignment SS 2017:

group  name  email  2nd day ED in Jülich  block
F1 Nils Cedric Holle nils.holle Tue 0
F1 Alexander Rochotzki alexander.rochotzki Tue 0
F1 Tan Zhi Yang zhi.yang.tan   0
F2 Peter Kerres peter.kerres Thu 0
F2 Nikita Polin nikita.polin Thu 0
F2 Sibylle  Schwartmann sibylle.schwartmann Thu 0
F3 Tom Struck   Fri 2
F3 Ulrich Leo ulrich.leo Fri 2
F3 Sarah Schmitt sarah.schmitt Fri 2
F4 Kevin Janßen kevin.janssen1 Thu 2
F4 Fabian Küppers fabian.kueppers Thu 2
F5 Jonathan Alms jonathan.alms Thu 0
F5 Cynthia Rodenkirchen cynthia.rodenkirchen Thu 0
F5 Mustafa Al Zuhaire mustafa.alzuhaire 0  
F6 Thorben Frahm thorben.frahm 0 CMOS
F6 Jörg Hofmann   0 CMOS
F6 Carl-Friedrich Schön Carl-friedrich.schoen 0 CMOS
F7 Niklas Borchers niklas.borchers Thu 2
F7 Bertram Schulze Lammers bertram.schulze.lammers Thu 2
F7 Maximilian Ernest Merkel maximilian.merkel Thu 2
F8 Eka I Putu Eka Widya Pratama eka.pratama 2
F8 Antonios Antonopoulos antonios.antonopoulos 2
F9 Jana Ammersbach jana.ammersbach 0
F9 Martin  Schmalstieg martin.schmalstieg 0
F9 Hannah Scholten hannah.scholten 0
F10 Anne Forstinger anne.forstinger Thu 0 CMOS
F10 Anika Röhrig anika.roehrig Thu 0 CMOS
F11 Malte Neul malte.neul Thu 0 CMOS
F11 Patrick Liebisch patrick.liebisch Thu 0 CMOS
F12 Nicolas Röwert nicolas.roewert Fri 0
F12 Lukas Rückle lukas.rueckle Fri 0
F12 Frederik Wangelik frederik.wangelik Fri 0
F13 Benjamin Jan Pestka benjamin.pestka 2
F13 Maximilian Müller maximilian.josef.mueller 2
F13 Michael Weimer michael.weimer 2
F14 Felix Komoll   2
F14 Sarojini Mahajan sarojini.mahajan 2
F14 Ludovica Guarneri ludovica.guarneri 2
F15 Thomas Bussek thomas.bussek 0
F15 Marcel Meyer marcel.meyer1 0
F15 Sophia Wahl sophia.wahl 0
F16 Sebastian Kindel sebastian.kindel 0
F16 Till Huckemann till.huckemann 0
F16 Nouran Adly Hassan   0
F17 Simon von Oehsen simon.von.oehsen 0
F17 Jan Geus jan.geus 0
F17 Samer Ezzedine samer.ezzedine 0
F18 Jan Rieck jan.rieck 0
F18 Jonas Kirchhoff jonas.kirchhoff 0
F18 Henrik Matschat Henrik.matschat  
F19 Anton Lord anton.lord 0
F19 Jan Kaumanns jan.kaumanns 0
F19 Mohebullah Nader mohebullah.nader 0