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Overview - Physics (Master) Lab course: Solid state physics

For the term SS 2018 you can register for either the lab course nano electronics or solid state physics. More information can be found under General information labcourse nano electronics and general information lab course solid state physics.

For all participants:

  • The registration for the lab course solid state physics for the term SS 2018 is open from 06.10.2017 until 26.01.2018. (Click here).
  • You can name a preferred partner between 08.01.2018 and 26.01.2018. (link)
  • You can let us know which are your preferred laboratory experiments in Aachen between 11.04.2018 and 18.04.2018 (link). For experiments in Jülich, this is not possible.


Information for the term SS 2017:

  • Experiment assignment in Jülich from 3.4. to 7.4. (link)
  • Experiment assignment in Aachen (link)
  • Summary talk about the organization of the lab-course in 2017 from the intro-course (link).


Group assignment SS 2018:

group name email 2nd day ED in Jülich
F1 Hannah Niehaus hannah.niehaus   2
F1 Andreas Geilen andreas.geilen   2
F1 Samuel Möller samuel.moeller   2
F2 Konstantin Wirth konstantin.wirth Thu 0
F2 Christian Stenz   Thu 0
F2 Timon Sebastian Vaas timon.vaas Thu 0
F3 Lukas Völkel lukas.voelkel Thu 0
F3 Taoufiq Ouaj taoufiq.ouaj Thu 0
F3 Lars Bobzien   Thu 0
F4 Lars Wenning lars.wenning Thu 0
F4 Erik Zimmermann erik.zimmermann Thu 0
F4 Helen Estefania Valencia Naranjo helen.valencia Thu 0
F5 Oleg Ivasenko oleg.ivasenko   0
F5 Philipp Schmidt philipp.schmidt3   0
F5 Theodoros Dimitriadis  theodoros.dimitriadis   0
F6 Max Schoenen max.schoenen   0
F6 Jan Lewen     0
F7 Anton Kuhn anton.kuhn   2
F7 Anja Lindenau anja.lindenau   2
F8 Thomas Nevolianis thomas.nevolianis   0
F8 Linda Speckels linda.speckels   0
F9 Franca auf der Heiden franca.auf.der.heiden   2
F9 David Fricker david.fricker   2
F10 Jingxing Jingxing Dong     2
F10 Souryadeep Saha souryadeep.saha   2
F11 Abbas  Espiari     2
F11 Vrinda Mehta vrinda.mehta   2
F12 Tobias Hangleiter tobias.hangleiter   2
F12 Sophia Schröder sophia.schroeder1   2
F13 Liu Yuwei     2
F13 Patrick Balhorn patrick.balhorn   2
F13 Benedikt Frohn benedikt.frohn   2