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Next talk tomorrow at 10:30 by Alexander Epping!

News 20.05.2016
New publication: Size quantization of Dirac fermions in graphene constrictions

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Welcome to the web page of the 2nd Institute of Physics A (Stampfer group) of the RWTH Aachen University.

Our research focuses on developing advanced processing technologies for studying and exploiting quantum mechanical phenomena in nanometer-scale solid-state devices. Our main activities presently lie in the fields of graphene, bismuth-based topological insulators, semiconductors, quantum dots, spin transport and confocal Raman spectroscopy.

We are member of Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance for Future Information Technologies (JARA-FIT) and we share our activities between the Physikzentrum in Aachen, and the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

  • Nanostructured graphene devices, such as graphene quantum dots.
  • New lecture in SS2016 on the "Physics of Graphene and 2D Materials"
  • Transport properties of high-mobility graphene boron nitride heterostructures.
  • Accessing nuclear and electron spins in ZnO via donor-bound excitons.
  • Spin-dynamics in time-resolved pump-probe experiments using ultra-short laser pulses.