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Contacts for the lab course


Foto Schreiber Dr. Lars Schreiber
Room 28 A 327 (Physikzentrum Seffent-Melaten)

phone: (0241) 80-24486
fax: (0241) 80-22306

email: lars.schreiber (at) physik.rwth-aachen.de
Voigtländer Prof. Bert Voigtländer
Organization of experiments in Jülich
Peter Grünberg Institut 3
Forschungszentrum Jülich

phone: (02461) 61-4116

email: b.voigtlaender (at) fz-juelich.de

Reports have to be handed in at the
Secretary's office of the 2nd Institute of Physics

Room 38 C 308 (Physikzentrum Seffent-Melaten)

phone: (0241) 80-27055 oder 27056
fax: (0241) 80-22306

Open hours: Mon.-Thu. 9am-5pm, Fr. 9am-3.30pm