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Talk today at 11:00 by Maximilian Heithoff!

News 07.11.2018
New publication including cover page: Smart Experiments

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Group Seminar - Tuesday, 11:45, 28A301 (Aachen)

Tue, 23 Oct 1811:15Michael Schmitz
Tue, 30 Oct 1811:15Frank Volmer
Tue, 06 Nov 1812:00Aachen-Graphene-Flagship-Seminar
Tue, 13 Nov 1811:15Shaham Jafarpisheh
Tue, 20 Nov 1811:15Timo Bißwanger
Tue, 27 Nov 1811:15Markus Müller
Tue, 04 Dec 1812:00Aachen-Graphene-Flagship-Seminar
Tue, 11 Dec 1811:15Zachary Winter
Tue, 18 Dec 1811:15Sebastian Staacks
Tue, 08 Jan 1911:15Luca Banszerus

Journal Club - Friday, 11:00, 28A301 (Aachen)

Fri, 19 Oct 1811:00Frank Volmer
Fri, 26 Oct 1811:00Manfred Ersfeld
Fri, 02 Nov 1811:00Benedikt Frohn
Fri, 16 Nov 1811:00Maximilian Heithoff
Fri, 23 Nov 1811:00Shaham Jafarpisheh
Fri, 30 Nov 1811:00Jens Sonntag
Fri, 07 Dec 1811:00Zachary Winter
Fri, 14 Dec 1811:00Sebastian Staacks
Fri, 21 Dec 1811:00Luca Banszerus