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News 09.09.2023
New publication: Chemically detaching hBN crystals grown at atmospheric pressure and high temperature for high-performance graphene devices

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News 19.04.2023

New publication: Photoemission study of twisted monolayers and bilayers of WSe2 on graphite substrates


Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 044004 (2023)
Using microfocused angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy we investigated microstructures containing regions of single-layer (SL) and bilayer (BL) WSe2 on graphite substrates at different twist angles between SL WSe2 and graphite and within the BL WSe2. Fermi level electrons emitted from the graphite are sharply focused near their K gr points in the Brillouin zone, and, when passing through the WSe2, get diffracted to form band replicas readily observed in experimental Fermi surface maps from twisted SL WSe2/graphite. We investigated two twisted BL WSe2 at twist angles ∼28° and ∼10° and found no evidence of hybridization gaps at the interlayer band-crossing points, that could be precursors of the flat bands at smaller twist angles. Similarly, no such gaps were found for SL WSe2/graphite. Experimental results are complemented by theoretical density functional theory calculations, which suggest that a formation of hybridization gaps in the WSe2/graphene (which approximates the experimental WSe2/graphite system) sensitively depends on the WSe2 band character at the crossing point with the graphene Dirac band.

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