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News 27.07.2022
New publication: Transport spectroscopy of ultraclean tunable band gaps in bilayer graphene

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News 15.12.2021

New publication: Probing Two-Electron Multiplets in Bilayer Graphene Quantum Dots


Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 256802(2021)
We report on finite bias spectroscopy measurements of the two-electron spectrum in a gate defined bilayer graphene (BLG) quantum dot for varying magnetic fields. The spin and valley degree of freedom in BLG give rise to multiplets of six orbital symmetric and ten orbital antisymmetric states. We find that orbital symmetric states are lower in energy and separated by ≈ 0.4–0.8  meV from orbital antisymmetric states. The symmetric multiplet exhibits an additional energy splitting of its six states of ≈ 0.15–0.5  meV due to lattice scale interactions. The experimental observations are supported by theoretical calculations, which allow to determine that intervalley scattering and “current-current” interaction constants are of the same magnitude in BLG.

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