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News 27.07.2022
New publication: Transport spectroscopy of ultraclean tunable band gaps in bilayer graphene

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News 02.09.2021

New publication: Spin-valley coupling in single-electron bilayer graphene quantum dots


Nat. Commun. 12, 5250(2021)
Understanding how the electron spin is coupled to orbital degrees of freedom, such as a valley degree of freedom in solid-state systems, is central to applications in spin-based electronics and quantum computation. Recent developments in the preparation of electrostatically-confined quantum dots in gapped bilayer graphene (BLG) enable to study the low-energy single-electron spectra in BLG quantum dots, which is crucial for potential spin and spin-valley qubit operations. Here, we present the observation of the spin-valley coupling in bilayer graphene quantum dots in the single-electron regime. By making use of highly-tunable double quantum dot devices we achieve an energy resolution allowing us to resolve the lifting of the fourfold spin and valley degeneracy by a Kane-Mele type spin-orbit coupling of ≈ 60 μeV. Furthermore, we find an upper limit of a potentially disorder-induced mixing of the K and K′ states below 20 μeV.

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