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News 03.05.2022
New publication: Visualisierung von Messdaten eigener Sensormodule mit phyphox (in German)

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News 05.03.2021

New publication: Dispersive sensing of charge states in a bilayer graphene quantum dot


Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 093104 (2021)
We demonstrate dispersive readout of individual charge states in a gate-defined few-electron quantum dot in bilayer graphene. We employ a radio frequency reflectometry circuit, where an LC resonator with a resonance frequency close to 280 MHz is directly coupled to an Ohmic contact of the quantum dot device. The detection scheme based on changes in the quantum capacitance operates over a wide gate-voltage range and allows us to probe excited states down to the single-electron regime. Crucially, the presented sensing technique avoids the use of an additional, capacitively coupled quantum device such as a quantum point contact or single electron transistor, making dispersive sensing particularly interesting for gate-defined graphene quantum dots.

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