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Next talk on Friday in 2 days by Zachary Winter.

News 03.05.2022
New publication: Visualisierung von Messdaten eigener Sensormodule mit phyphox (in German)

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News 16.02.2021

New publication: Pulsed-gate spectroscopy of single-electron spin states in bilayer graphene quantum dots


Phys. Rev. B 103, L081404 (2021)
Graphene and bilayer graphene quantum dots are promising hosts for spin qubits with long coherence times. Although recent technological improvements make it possible to confine single electrons electrostatically in bilayer graphene quantum dots and their spin and valley texture of the single-particle spectrum has been studied in detail, their relaxation dynamics remains still unexplored. Here, we report on transport through a high-frequency gate-controlled single-electron bilayer graphene quantum dot. By transient current spectroscopy of single-electron spin states, we extract a lower bound of the spin relaxation time of 0.5 μs. This result represents an important step towards the investigation of spin coherence times in graphene-based quantum dots and the implementation of spin qubits.

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