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General information - physics lab course solid state physics for Master

  • In the first two weeks of the lecture period in SS (time to be announced), a block seminar takes place which gives a short introduction to the lab-course rules organization and all the experiments (M1 to M8) including the research lab experiments (L1 to L11). One of these lab experiments can be chosen by each group.
  • The instructions for each experiment contain a brief physical overview, instructions about the work to be carried out and references to literature. Attention is drawn to the remarks on the preparation of the experiments in the instructions.
  • Additional literature for the preparation is available in the library of the physics institutes.
  • The experiments take place during the term (exception are the experiments in the lab at the FZ Jülich, see below) and are usually scheduled on a Wednesday.
    Depending on the number of participants, some dates might be during the semester break.
  • The experiments in Aachen are conducted in groups of two to three students. There is a web form where you can enter your preferred partners, which is available from 20.01.2020 until 31.01.2020 (click here).
  • All participants conduct an experiment in a research lab of the 1st or 2nd Institute of Physics of the RWTH Aachen (L1 to L11), to get an insight into the work during a master or PhD thesis and to get to know current topics in solid state physics. There is a web form where you can enter your preferred experiments from 08.04.2020 until 15.04.2020 (click here) just after the block seminar.
  • Depending on the number of participants you will perform 1-2 days of experiment in a lab at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. These experiments are done in groups of three in the week 23.03.2020 – 30.03.2020. You will attend a full day lecture on 23.03.2020 and conduct your experiments in the following four days. The lecture will give you an introduction for the experiments and a general overview of research topics in nano electronic in the Forschungszentrum Jülich. The experiments will be assigned in February. Instructions can be found here: http://www.fz-juelich.de/pgi/nanoelektronikpraktikum/
    The talks on Monday (23.03.2020 9:00) take place in Building 02.4w E1. room Nr. 309b. A bus will pick you up on all days of the week (Monday till Friday) at 8:15am at the “Fernbus” (e.g. Flixbus) stop "Kühlwetterstraße 18, 52072 Aachen", and will drive you to directly to Jülich (return 5:00pm, Monday till Friday).
    For entering the Forschungszentrum you need your ID card or a passport.
    The meeting point for the experiments on Tuesday - Friday is at 9:00h in Building 02.4w E1 room 309b. The room is on the first floor.
  • The experiment report has to be send to the tutor via e-mail within two weeks. Only in exceptional cases and prior agreement with the tutor and extension of the two week deadline is possible.
  • The experiments start at 9:00h (for exceptions see the instructions)
  • Cheating or fraud, e.g. tuning data or copying text (even partial) for reports, will result in the immediate disqualification of the lab course without advance warning.
  • During the research lab experiments Lxx photography is forbidden and hence no digital cameras nor mobile phones are allowed to be carried inside of the laboratories.