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Theses - 2017

Bachelor theses
Jakob Schwibbert
"Gate dependent photoluminescence and Kerr rotation measurements on WeSe2"
Alexander Willmes
"Generation of photocurrents in MoS2-graphene heterostructures"
Isabelle Hirscher
"Raman spectroscopy of suspended graphene"
Lars Feuser
"Optimierung, Produktion, elektrische Charakterisierung und Spezifikation eines Kupferpuder-­Mikrowellenfilters für die Rauschunterdrückung und Thermalisierung in Tieftemperatur-­Transportmessungen"

Master theses
Georg Wendorf
"Machine learning algorithms for the automated analysis of multidimensional Raman-spectra"
Michael Schmitz
"High-mobility dry transferred CVD bilayer graphene"
Christian Nick
"Fabrication of large area graphene based heterostructures"
Zachary C. M. Winter
"Controlled post-oxidation and growth: CVD graphene for ultra-high quality heterostructure fabrication"
Hendrik Janssen
"Probing edge effects by the quantum capacitance in a hBN/graphene/hBN-heterostructure"
Andrea Ceruti
"Ballistic transport in graphene nanodevices with superconducting leads"

PhD theses
Muhammad Bilal Janjua
"Exchange bias in magnetic thin films and nanoparticles : Study of spin glass, spin dynamics and anisotropy"